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Path Of The Torment Team

Years before, in the world of RYL(Risk Your Light) Torment, there's this 1 server who stood among's them, a server that lasted for years. but unfortunately, the admin of that server were so busy in his real life due to family matters.

Years pass by still that server went up running without the admin watching it. but then, the END came, many player were heart broken, the server was, TORMENT, but then a group of developers stood up, The "Promp" developer are a group of an old Torment server player were eager to get the server back up and running, so they decided to make it done.
After a few years of research and development, the new team together with the old Torment GMs gathered up and at the shadow of the TORMENT, raise a new beginning, a new friendship, reuniting with the old friends, Path Of The TORMENT raise!

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Name location joined year Role Other Role
1 ADMIN Singapore / Malaysia - Founder Technical Support
2 ADMIN-DONATION Kedah,Malaysia 2007 Finance & Support Co-Founder
3 GM-PRIME Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia 2009 Operations Design Co-Founder/Support
4 GM-EPO Selangor,Malaysia 2010 Customer Service Research & Support
5 GM-RIZZA Philipines 2019 Event Planning Designer & Finance
6 N/A Frankfurt, Germany 2016 Junior Designer -
7 N/A Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine 2015 Developers -
8 N/A New York,United States 2012 Games Analyser -
9 N/A Rotterdam,Netherlands 2012 Websites Manager -
10 N/A Wales,United Kingdom 2010
Marketing Manager