CNY Maintenance Completed

Hello all players,
thank you for waiting…
Finally Client 2023 (CNY Event) has been released!!!
Sky Arena has been open daily from 7 – 11:59 PM (HKT+8)

[Server Event]
– CNY Event start for 1 Month from today 6 February 2020 – 7 March 2020 .
– Sky Arena Fame Boost Event and Metal / Gems Boost Event in Map 3 has been started for 1 Weeks.
– CNY Monster and Year Monster Boss been spawn in Arena.

[Change logs]

– Add Elite items for both nations (more elite item coming up soon)
– Add new Basics NPC with better item Texture (“incomplete” still have more other new item texture coming up soon)
– Add much more better advanced protection to the server side to detect illegal cheats & tools.
– Add Sky Arena Death Match & Flag Wars.
– Add Vault in all small base map 3.
– Add more information in Arena Map.
– Add Green,Yellow & Red Yit (Each color has different success rates)
– Add auto level to 95 after char creations.
– Add gold farming places in Arena.

– Fix Defender backcut skills now able to use 1 hand weapons.
– Fix Skills bugs due to improper patch.
– Fix glitch between browser and games.

– Updated Launcher to version 2023.
– Updated max level from 95 to 99 (still in testing)

– All players can now request for installment if purchase more than USD 150 up to 6 Month (0% interest)
– Installment items will be locked until full payment completed.