Halloween Event has been started!

Hello all players,

Halloween event has been started as from today for 1 month ! After So much testing ,fixing and resolving, finally our NEW full client 2.0.018 and patch released.

All players are required to download new client or new patch Please remove the old client or old patch before installing. Below is the feature’s that has been add,remove or fix in the NEW updates

Fix SkillBook Axe Mastery EA BUGS
Fix Sun and Moon effect that caused FPS dropped.(testing gameplay improvement)
Fix Boss Drop and Increased All Boss Defense
Fix Giant Gems To Large Gems Conversion BUGS
Fix and Relocate All NPC in Map3
Fix Sorcerer skill damaged to the monster.
Fix Old Launcher Error and Bugs
Fix SmartScreen in Windows showing “Unknown” Publisher.
Fix Some False Virus Detection in most popular Antivirus such as Kaspersky,Avast,McAfee etc

Add Auto Repair Functions to all Torment Files
Add Newbie Basic Weapons Item & Equipments in NPC +8
Add Halloween Monster in Arena
Add teleport scrolls in All camp and temple
Add tonic in normal general merchant Map3 and Map1
Add Basic Halloween Suit and Halloween equipments in NPC
Add Basic Tome in NPC
Add Water improvement for all maps
Add Publisher Name on Windows SmartScreen for all Torment Files

Removed old normal Arm,Pants,Boots,Gloves from Monster and old NPC.(will add in the new NPC)
Removed gold from all monster. (Will add normal monster with gold drop)