Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day!
Our next upcoming updates is as follows :

[Independence Day Event Until 30 September 2019]

  • Boost Gold & Drop Rate to 500% until further notice
  • Add Independent Quest Part I – III in Map3 Tortuga Valley


  • Add 19 Defense Helm to the shop
  • Add 20 Defense Unique Helm to Medals tower,Quest & Donations
  • Add Gloves & Arm Of Ancients
  • Add Boots Att/Def Unique (Golden)
  • Add Elite Hunter Quest II
  • Add Torment Story Part IV
  • Add Treasure Hunter Part II
  • Add More informations and clue on the quest
  • Add Minerals stone in GPV


  • Adjust CZ Camp
  • New Vitory Camp
  • New Small Camp (for quest)
  • Change Edin Name to Tortuga Valley


  • Fix Cybercafe error and decreased the error caused by driver and file
  • Fix Warrior Skils
  • Fix Soccerer Skills on mobs in map3
  • Fix Normal Mobs Magic Resistant
  • Fix Gamble Quest for both
  • Fix Human 1 hand blunt