Server Has Been Running Officially

Hello to all Torment Players.
Proudly to announce that Path Of The Torment has been running Officially start from today 14 August 2019.

Below are some change log inside the games for Official Client 2.0.0

(300% EXP Boosted From 14 August to 28 August 2019.)
(Monster Bags Boost To 200% From 14 August to 28 August 2019)
(New Official Websites : )

Changes Logs

  • Skills Stack has been enabled (temporary and testing)
  • Adjusted Werewolft defense should more tougher than Omurtens
  • Adjusted Ancient Guardian and Commander is 24 hours Respawn time
  • Adjust Ancient Guardian Defense
  • Adjust Lifeoff skills heal and courage range (TESTING)
  • Adjust Attacker Skills Damages (TESTING)
  • Adjustment on Attacker Skill Energy Absorbing Range
  • Change all Offhand to single hands and remain stat as Special
  • Removed G Potions (DEF) Replaced To L Potions Def from quest
  • Remove G Gems Drop from monster in All Maps
  • Adjust Pirate Skeleton Defense in Map3
  • Adjust mountain scorpions Defense in map3
  • Change Shade Soccerer(RUNEOFF) name to Shade Rune Off
  • Change Light Soccerer (LIFEOFF) name to Light LifeOff
  • Adjust ALL shade and Light monster HP back to normal (same in 2014)
  • Change light rune off mobs skill (lifeoff) to (runeoff)
  • Adjusted Monster Bags Boost Drop from monster 200%
  • Adjusted Treasure Bags For Treasure Chest (Elite/Rare Armor)
  • Adjusted Treasure Bags (Elite) drops for Treasure Chest


  • Add ore rock in GPV
  • Add Gems in Spirit Arena
  • Add Crew Member Monster For Quest at Edin
  • Add Giant Ore Mobs in GPV for Quest Only
  • Add Warewolf North of CZ Drop for Human BOW 235dex
  • Add Human Bow 235 Blackmarket
  • Add Random Normal Orbs (DEX/WIS/STR/INT/CON) to Treasure Box
  • Add Spirit Edin drops Pirate Treasure Key
  • Add Spirit monster in Edin
  • Add Treasure Bags (elite) for Treasure Chest
  • Add Ancient Treasure Bags
  • Add StumpForest at CZ
  • Add Elite Scorpion in GPV


  • Fix Treasure Hunter Quest
  • Fix E System based on Fame only
  • Fix Torment Story Quest
  • Fix Elite Quest (Missing Rewards)
  • Fix Spirit SpawnTime in Arena
  • Fix Quest that required to kills Light Rider and has no effect (bugs)
  • Fix Arena Missing Tower Guardian (Both Nations)
  • Fix Light Demon & Light Demon Rider skill replace to Templar
  • Fix Drop For normal item in Mob (testing)
  • Fix Scorpion Defense in GPV

Thank You
Best Regards,